Re-Upholster or New

Things to think about

To Re-upholster

  • Most probably fits in room or area 

  • Change of decor requires a fresh look

  • Is the frame is in good condition.i.e no broken or loose joints

  • Is there any sentimental value

  • Hundreds of fabrics to choose from.We supply a large range of fabrics (please make sure they are fire retardant if you are getting your own)

  • You just like the style of chair

To buyNew

  • You can see what it looks like in the shop

  • You can try it for comfort 

  • Hundreds of shops with different quality upholstered furniture


The cost of re upholstery can vary greatly, but just to give an example an average priced  Upholstery fabric costs £30 (we have fabrics starting at £20 and up £60)and an average sofa takes 15 meters of fabrics so fabric cost would be £450

You then add on the labour cost and the cost of any additional  materials i.e foams fillings